Evanui ( Elven Fair )

Jenn Shacklett

Mae Govannen (Well met)...

Enter, be at peace...
You are most welcome.
Hang up your coat and hat, pull up a chair.
Make yourself at home, the fire's warm and the kettle is singing.
Just a moment and we'll have some tea. It's baking day, so there's fresh bread to go with the stew for supper. Are you hungry?...

Or perhaps a quiet walk through the whispering trees will bring you comfort? There is always an errant wind to keep you company.

Perhaps the deep soft chair beside the tall bay window, something good to read, with something hot and chocolaty to sip?
May you find something here to make you think,
to calm you, or maybe bring to mind a dream that has been dusty for far too long...

Just remember:
The mind has a thousand eyes, and the heart but one.
Our dreams understand this, and therefore wait.

May all that you seek find you.
Blessed Be.


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