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My Heart has a Home

A virtuous woman, who can find
Praise be to God, I found mine
My heart is full, I am content
I have no lack, my love not spent
Everyday brings another chance
To look into her eyes or hold her hand
Every night another opportunity
To close my eyes in perfect peace
Each conquered mountain a place to dance
Each day in the valley we took our stance
When the waves crashed, we held on tight
The darkest days gave way to light
I would not survive on my own
No man was made to be alone
As I searched the scriptures, there she was
Revealed in the pages of Proverbs 31
As for me, if I am allowed
I stand in awe, yet puffed up and proud
She dresses each morning in strength and grace
The beauty of integrity adorns her face
The wisdom of God accessorizes
The passion for truth in her eyes
God has been merciful to me
By all rights, this should not be
Grace gave me a most precious gift
A wife to share my life with
I truly lack the gift of expression
So, I offer my life in exchange for this blessing
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone
I am now complete, my heart has a home
Jackie M.

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My Heart has a Home