Poetic Sermons

Jackie Moore In The Pages Of Poetry
In the pages of poetry I slip silently
To work out the woes that are troubling me
Perplexed on every side but refusing to share
Maybe for the fear that no one else will care
Through the pages of poetry I sift thoughts like wheat
Over and over until the process is complete
Is it as bad as it seems to appear
Is there a reason to worry or fear
What of this anger I have brewing inside
Should it come forth or should it just hide
To whom should I discuss it, in whom should I confide
These pages are blind to my foolish pride
The pages will listen and they will understand
They won't say a word they just lay out a plan
Whether right or wrong these pages won't lie
They will reveal the truth and look straight in my eyes
And when I am so confused and don't know what to say
The pages of poetry say it any way
Some turn to drugs and alcohol others to much wrose
I seem to be comforted by poetry's verse
Though it sometimes a tempoary fix
They won't leave me lonely homless or sick
So silently I slip into the pages of poetry
Where for a few stolen moments I am totally free

Written by J. Moore
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