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Fifty years and one month after Jackie Kays was medically discharged from the Air Force, following his heroic and career-ending rescuing of crewmembers from a crash landing just short of Da Nang AB's runway and in the world's largest minefield (21 Nov 1965), Jackie received the Air Force Commendation Medal for his actions.

Jackie Kays reported that on 20 Dec 2015, his doorbell rang and a representative of Congressman Sam Graves presented him a letter and certificate awarding him the AFCM.

Don Poss, VSPA Webmaster, Director Communications

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Desperado's Gold 

Nov 9, 2015 Buck Horton’s brother was an outlaw. The only thing he left Buck of any value was a secret, the hiding place of stolen gold. Buck vowed to find the gold or die trying. And on the latter, men on both sides of the law are more than willing to oblige him. 

Desperado’s Gold is a double-barreled, two-fisted tale of pure Western Pulp! Buck and his partner, Ron Ogo forge a friendship akin to brotherhood as they ride across the West in search of treasure. From desperate attempts to raise money for the hunt to staying one step ahead of anyone with a gun, the ...Read more

Badge of Honor in War and Peace

True Law Enforcement stories by men who were Air Force combat military policemen during the Vietnam war. Upon their completion of military service they entered civilian law enforcement career fields.
(248 pages) Paperback:  $14.95

Security Police Vietnam & Thailand War Stories

Collection of Vietnam and Thailand War Stories.
(357 pages) Paperback:  $17.76 Download:  $3.75
The Bounty Hunters

The Bounty Hunters

By Jackie R. Kays 

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“There is no hunt like hunting an evil man. Once those who do hunt the dangerous armed man long enough will never be satisfied doing anything else.
Their taste for other things will be forever destroyed by the sweet taste of the hunt, and the final capture or kill!” - The Bounty Hunters
The Legend of the Lost Cave

The Legend of the Lost Cave

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The five young characters portrayed in this short story do not represent any one individual; they are, in fact, a composite of characteristics from the childhood friends of this writer.
This story is based on retrospect of a time, when great strife was occurring throughout the world.
The people, especially the children of the United States, were experiencing sacrifices of some basic comforts, due to the war effort.
The author'’s memories of those times are still vivid, and are reflected in this novelette.

Security Police Vietnam & Thailand War Stories 
Collection of Vietnam and Thailand War Stories. 

Print: $17.76
To Die Alone 

To Die Alone

This item rated Mature

Listed in: Mystery & Crime
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The Stone Throwers: A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders By Jackie R. Kays