Poetic Verses 4 All

Hello to all... :-)

I hope that everyone enjoys my page. I know that not all of you will enjoy my poetry but to be really
honest i dont care, as i might not like yours but the main thing is, put it out to the world how you feel
and what you feel.
I am 31 now it has been a long time. I was 24 years old when i posted the first 2 poems on here but i
still like them and i guess it is about time i put some more up. I have not written in a very long time
due to many things going wrong in my life from family problems to health problems of my own but that alone
should give me what i need inside to write.
I love life and everything it has to offer. I love animals and my family and friends mean everything to me
they support me in everything i do and in return i back them 100% (right or wrong).
You only have one life so live it well, love when you can, forgive and mean it, hug, hold hands, smile and share
a smile, dance in the rain, walk bare foot in the snow and just be true to who you are.
Life is way too short to worry and hate.

Peace love and respect always.

James Howie. x

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