Blue Soul Fire Alive is the work of Jamieson Lee Hill, an English poet who has travelled to over 31 countries and lived in England, North Wales, Italy and Turkey. 

The title/nickname 'Bard of Malvern' was given by the Malvern Fringe Arts group in the early 90s. They performed a laurel crowning ceremony and bestowed the title in Priory Park in Malvern in 1993. Years later, Hill was recognised as Bard of Malvern by the Order of Wandering Peace Poets, a member group of the UK British Council of Druid Orders.

The title stuck and over the years the local media started using it too and Hill even performed with the Mayor of Malvern in the 1990s. But he used it in a 'tongue-in-cheek' manner as he knew he was one of many poets in his area.

 From 1993 to 2014, Jamieson Hill performed a bardic address on every year on Malvern May Day (2000 and 2001 he was living in Italy and wrote bardic addresses which were read out by local inventor Malcolm Victory). The May Days were mainly in Priory Park, but in the old days at St Ann's Well Cafe and once on Belle Vue Terrace with the Mayor of Malvern.

The last ever Bardic Address on Malvern May Day was at St Ann's Well in 2014 where it first began in 1993. So the cycle was complete. The name Bard of Malvern stuck and is still used by some to this day. 

Born in the Malvern Hills and grew up in a country village, Hill was influenced by classic poets such as Shelley, Wordsworth, Blake and T.S.Eliot, but also the lyrics music of punk, post punk and alternative from UK and US bands.

Moreover, Hill is also influenced by a variety of modern and classic poetry including Ryokan, the Zen hermit, Taoist writings and the I Ching. Also, the lyrics of Robert Smith from 'The Cure' and Matt Johnson's The The were big influences. 

Other major influences include author Raymond E Feist, the writer Neil Gaiman and the film maker David Lynch.  

Hill's writing is strongly influenced by imagery from nature as well as decades of studying and practising mysticism from India, Tibet, China, North American Medicine wheel teachings, Nordic paganism and animistic practices from around the world.

Hill has also been a lead singer and lyricist for four bands. Currently, lead singer and lyricist for Nexus Xiii. Previously, singer and lyricist for Captain Birdseye and the Alien Love Experience, Black Hill and Subterranean Fire. Also, songwriting with the artist Si Anthony known as 'Cordless Bungee'. 

In his twenties, Hill became an initiated master of ceremonies for sacred yogic fire ceremonies. He studied in the foothills of the Himalayas and the desert state of Rajasthan in the mid 1990s with two principal sages who are no longer alive.

Finally, Hill writes a blog about his esoteric experiences called 'Off the Track', a Word press blog. He was also a student with Kenneth Meadows in 1993/4, a prolific author and authority on Eastern Mysticism and Contemporary shamanism and a shamanic practioner.

Meadows passed away in 2002. Both Hill's spiritual teachers in India also passed away long ago, the last being his guru Sri Muniraji in 2012. Sri Shastriji, his fire guru, having died many years before.

Hill is a professionnal Copy and Content Writer and full stack Digital Marketer. He is also an Online English teacher and Curriculum Specialist. He runs his own limited company Gold Viking Limited, having previously founded and ran Three Flames Education and Training Ltd from 2012 to 2020.

Hill had a long career in teaching and educational management serving as a college lecturer at Somerset College of Arts and Technology, Birmingham Metropolitan College and other other schools and colleges in Italy and the UK.

Also, a certified manager Hill took over a provision of 12 English courses in 2007 and expanded it to 40. Managing 27 lecturers, 2 admin staff and 550 students, he was given a Beacon Award for Excellence in Innovation in Developing College Business in 2009 after making half a million pounds in funding for his college. Choosing to leave management in 2010 with voluntary redundancy, he decided to leave the stress and politics of FE Management behind and set up his own company.

Also, he had a stint of 2 years teaching Enterprise for Business and Employability. He then went onto become a successful freelance Curriculum Designer.

From 2014 Hill started to live between Istanbul and his native Britain, after meeting and then marrying his Turkish wife. 

To this day, Hill is to be found in both countries writing poetry, songs and embracing the spirit of creativity wherever he goes...

A passionate football fan of two clubs in two different countries, Aston Villa FC and the Superlig club, Besiktas. He lives by the sea in Istanbul with his wife and two cats. Gazing at the Bosphorus in the blazing sun of the Orient. 

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