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My life has been quite a rollercoaster from living the "normal" average suburban middle-class lifestyle until age 8 then having to move to my dads in the ghetto til 15 and the horrible divorce and custody battles that ensued - to being a DJ on the top 2 Radio stations and working behind the scenes in Television (cameras, audio, sports photo, editor), serving overseas in the US Army Communications Division at a Secret Security Clearance level, and now being home again and finding life extremely difficult (not able to find steady work, people becoming "stupified", government making moves to have total control, religions destroying everything God truly intended for us)

I hope people wake up in time, I hope someone looks beyond the lies they have been fed all their lives... You can see my published book of poetry below as well as visit my myspace site, please feel free to add me and check out my blog, my friends, and local music.

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