Life's Verses

The Man Can See

A man stood broken and tattered,
as if nothing in his whole life mattered.
Each and every time,
they took what was mine.

Finally there was nothing but shards,
spilling over like a house of cards.

A broken shell of a man,
and thats all that I am.
You were just looking for a friend,
you discovered me at almost the end.

You came to rescue me,
instantly you could see.

The devastation that swallowed my heart,
and absorbed it all right from the start.
You showed what I crave,
gone now for endless days.

I don't know how I can trust again,
please forgive me for all of this sin.

You made my soul to smile,
though for only a little while.
Maybe I can see my way through,
with the touch of a angel like you.

I hope the darkness flees,
and lifts me from my knees.

With a guiding light as yours,
I believe with wings I can soar.
Show me your heart to be true,
and I will come crawling to you.

I take a breath now from this strife,
with hope that there is a better life.

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