Life's Verses

What To Do

A busted rat bike I rode,
no leathers for the cold.
You gave me boots of hide,
and joined me on the ride.

Out of many miles of road we ran,
we crashed that bike into the sand.
Yeah you rode with me,
didn't know you couldn't see.

A Fatboy and Hog combined,
painted by hand, initials on the side.
Many a bump and bruise,
oh but how we would cruise.

We lost our deeply loved road dog,
remembering him in every song.
Lost was everything we had,
overpaying for all of our bad.

A stretch soft tail extended fork,
ape hangers would make it work..
More than anything ever we had,
but in your mind it all was for bad.

We started down our paths alone,
still deep in our soul it was known.
A full dresser we now ride,
king and queen, bags on the side.

I give all even my hurt,
no more to be had, make it out if dirt.
Repair it we chant and charge,
we never take it out of the garage.

Where should we go, where to ride,
let's not stop till we die.
You shut it down every so often,
and say we all lie alone in the coffin.

We squint at each other in the glare,
wonder if the other one has a care.
Don't know if this road goes through,
so my dear what shall we choose?

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