Finding The Flood - Poems by Jeremy Joel

In spite of utter self-absorption I offer you an explanation of my writing style...

As it says on my homepage, "I cannot write in prose, it is a sun-shiny day." - John Keats. That's my mantra. My poetry is meant to be easy on the eyes. I like small lines with unique rhymes and word choices. I find it's easier to read and more fun. I put a lot of emphasis on symmetry and meter. Every line has been meticulously planned, then many scrapped entirely, and meticulously planned again. I use a lot of "near rhyme" and "sight rhyme" and I like to make sure the look of each poem deviates from the next. I also concentrate on varying the tone of my poems as to not get so one-dimensional. I want each of my poems to have a life of their own. Now since I am a rhyming poet you'll find a lot of "song" in my poems, but they are in no way intended to be "sing-songy", if that makes any sense.

I firmly believe that if you spend more time trying to understand what the poet is saying rather than enjoying the poem itself the whole point of the message is lost. Now that's not to say you shouldn't read a particular poem of mine two or three times to pick up on some of the subtle nuances I like to use, but you should never find yourself completely lost. Although I use some obscurity in my poems I like to think for the most part they are accessible and refreshing, like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. For the most part I am not a fan of long winding, abstract thoughts that lead you astray. I'm more into quick left jabs rather than slow right hooks. But watch out for the uppercut at the end.

I try not to repeat myself in my poetry so I hope to keep the subject matter varied, continue to explore the outer boundaries of our vocabulary, but most of all try to paint a picture in your mind and heart, all the while using the most polished, rhythmic lines and stanzas. Anybody can write poetry but for those that are passionate about it, a few sloppy lines or random thoughts just won't cut it. That's why most of my poems have been worked on for over five years, some ten. In the end I hope my words can inspire for decades and even generations to come. Long after I'm gone my voice will still be heard and sometimes in life that's all we ask for. Thanks for your support, Jeremy.

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