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After much consideration I've decided to self-publish my manuscripts. I'm currently in the middle of the process and just got my first editorial evaluation. Talk about humbling. It looks like this will be a long road to publication, but getting some professional fine tuning should hopefully benefit my work.

I've decided to resubmit ABCOL and DS as full manuscripts to prospective publishers. It's been about five years since I last got a batch of rejection letters so I'm giving it another go. Just putting a Table Of Contents together and headers on each page then I'll start writing inquiries to the editors. Time to get out that stack of manila folders again. May have to self-publish at some point (or at least self-finance) but it's more important for me to have a finished, polished product than to keep sitting on these Word files and dormant manuscripts.

Just uncovered an absolute deluge of unedited poems from back in 2006 and 2007 that were stored on some floppy disks. Enough material to keep me busy for a while before taking on manuscript #3. I guess I could put out the equivalent of a b-sides/rarities collection with ten or so poems. Maybe I'll call it manuscript #2 1/2. Wow, this stuff is so raw. Very cool to see these lines after so many years. I managed to edit a poem called Heaven In Arms and post it to the website. This poem was the last one written for Dove Season, but I hadn't uncovered it until today. I'd say it's been about five years since I lost saw it. One of my favorites.

Both of my manuscripts have been completed for some time now and I have been putting off doing a third for at least two or three years. I've been gathering a few lines here and there and dozens of poem ideas but nothing has been written seriously. Because of the volume of poetry from A Brief Crack Of Light and Dove Season I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor until it is finally sealed for good, meaning no more edits. I've taken the time to polish my entire collection and started this website to get my poems out to the masses. I'm about 3/4 done uploading and once completed I will begin work on manuscript number three. Until then I'm enjoying my little creatures grow and blossom and look forward to your feedback. If anything substantial happens concerning my poetry I will post it to the NEWS page, but it will be pretty infrequent. I want to focus on using Finding The Flood for simply reading poetry, not as a social networking site. Thanks for your support, Jeremy.

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