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Corridors in My Mind

Lost in Dark corridors in my mind
The devil's at play and I'm on his mind.
Mood shifts from indigo to black
The devil's playing tricks and he's on my back.
Lightness gives way to a great heave and ho
While lower I sink and lower I go.
Sleepless nights and endless mares
Tell my Lord why am I down there?
It's just for a little while, hang tight,
I am there all the while.
Anger boils with memories dark and dense
A fighting mode has come on while I'm sitting on the fence.
To attack or be attacked for my foes are truly the unseen
Though they come at me in mortal shells
Tossed about like a ship on a roaring sea
I wonder what will transpire with the likes of me.
Will I give in to the anger that rages?
Or will I sit trapped in one of its cages?
After time has been misspent on fumes of negativity wild
What happened to my innocent days of youth?
Playing in nature as a mere child?
I sit and ponder life thrown at me like hot coals
And wonder what ever happened to my dreams and all my goals?
What has the Lord ordained for me?
What does he want me to do?
It's all I can take these decisions I make
And harder enough to get through!
Still I hold on to the Light shiny and bright
And dream of a lighter and better day
To makes its way into my valley
Of endless corridors in my mind.

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Corridors in My Mind

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