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Dark to Light

I was young once before I got old -
I remember everything I saw and was told!
The trees whispered their sacred truths -
That at one time they too danced under the stars!
And that Spring was the season of the fountain of youth!
And flowers sang their faithful song -
And birds spoke in a dialect while chirping along!
The river told me, what it said,
Without Love in the Universe all is dead!
And I listening carefully to the wise old rain
Who had been since the beginning and knew great fame
Told me to always take my time
For life is so short and the choices I make are only mine!
I was young once before I got old -
But just remembering what I saw and was told,
Has kept me younger within,
And lessened the heavy load!
So the rustling leaves told me
It is never too late to change the path
Keep to the straight and narrow
And never look back!
The rambunctious wind shared its wisdom as well,
It said the road to hell is wide so you will be able to tell!
And lastly, the Jesus told me, I am the Truth, the Life, and the Way,
You can't go to Heaven but through me okay!
So I have kept to the straight and narrow,
Taken my time to slow down and enjoy the breezes and sights,
That sweep through my life changing it from dark to light!

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Dark to Light

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