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Mr David Gordon Pullins
(1938 - 2015)
My Eulogy for my Papa who lost his battle with cancer on August 21st, 2015: It was really hard watching this strong, wonderful man who has always been there for me from my first words, my first steps, who was always there for me night or day, sick or not and loved his family unconditionally, go thru such suffering. I felt so helpless but he was so strong through it. He'd squeeze my hand or pat my back and tell me that he loved me. As hard as it was for both of us, I am so proud to have had the honor and privilege of being there for him. My dad always made sure he attended school events and plays, ball games his grandson's bike races and every single one of the father-daughter banquets when I was in the school chorus... most anything that we were involved in or with, he was there to route us on and support us. I watched him run & jump, playing football, baseball & basketball with my cousins, my sons and even with me when I was a kid... he taught us values and ethics. How to be a team player and set the standards by his example. I didn't have much time left with him so I'm going to cherish & appreciate every moment I got to spend with him no matter what the circumstances were. To me, he's always been the epitome of everything a man should be. I could never have asked for better as far as a father or grandfathers are concerned. He was a loving husband to my mother, (rip mom) and they still kissed, held hands and were very much in love after 43 years of marriage. I never saw nor heard him raise his voice or hand to my mom.... ever. He didn't drink... didn't do drugs... and every day from the time I can remember, maybe before I was in kindergarten, I remember him getting up and getting ready to go to work and leaving at the crack of dawn... All of my life I watched as he sweated & worked his butt off from 1963 -2014, roughly 51 years I think, as the supervisor of 3 different corrugated box plants to provide stability and a home for our family. We were always his #1 priority. Men like my dad are priceless and rare and I have truly been blessed having him in my life. I love you Papa. ~ Judith Pullins