Where I'm from....

I am from houses with rickety front porches and whispering pine trees From Mommas rose garden and wild honeysuckles
From Pop rocks, Dr pepper and Twinkies ,Coca-Cola and moon pies From cloth diapers and hanging clothes on the line
From jazz ,blues, country music and zydeco
From the from the bayou and the sticks
From Saturday morning cartoons three channels in black and white
From magnolia trees , picking pecans and shucking corn
From swimming in lakes and muddy rivers
From Swisher sweet pipe tobacco and wood burning stoves
From the smoke of the cotton gin and the sink of the paper mill
From tall corn stalks and cotton fields playing hide and seek and tug of war From apple pie with ice cream and fried green tomatoes
From catching crawfish in the ditch and playing freeze tag with kids from every track side
From eating at the dinner table, saying grace, and "clean your plate"
From struggles never told and blood sweat and tears
From hard work, calloused hands, wrinkled faces ,white skin and Brown From gumbo, collard greens, fried Chicken and watermelon
From Ford trucks and my Papas GMC that never died
From getting dirty ,playing in the rain and climbing trees while Mama worried
From drinking water from the water hose and throwing pine cones at my brothers
From "Our Father"and "Amazing Grace"the good book and gospel hymns
From "because I said so" and "do unto others"
From "spare the rod" and "and get me a switch"
From love beyond measure and forgiveness.
From memories in my head and heart the smiles and tears caught in old photos
I am from the blood of my parents and those before them.
I am from strong family ties and deep Southern Roots
I am me .I am proud.

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Where I`m from....

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