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Name: Rick Harris
email: windytrees2@comcast.net
Homepage: http://www.plantinghisseeds.net

Message: First of all, let me offer my heartfelt sympathy of the passing of Karen, but after reading some of her poetry, I can honestly say that although the sun has set on her life here on earth, she has awakened to a beautiful and everlasting sunrise in the arms of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I read her beautiful poem, "You Hold The Key To My Heart" and I would like to use her poem on my Christian website, www.plantinghisseeds.net. I would include her as the author and a link to her website and if you email me, I will send you a link to the finished page. Thank you for your consideration. blessings, Rick Harris

Date Received: 2010-08-08 11:53:35

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