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My heart need time to heal:I wrote this poem because everyone is somehow injured or in pain of some kind. They are working on healing and don't know how at this point and are lost. Now this sounds like a typical depressed person, and that is correct. So what I suggest you to do is to try and not bring anyone down as you never know what their whole life actually is, even if you live with them because they are hiding it from you. So be sure to pat them on the back and give them a hug when they need one, or else... you might end up losing a friend for good with no chance of them coming back, ever.

Everyone needs to be forgiven: Alright so this poem here I wrote because everyone has someone they hate with a passion. They truly do, well this poem sheds some light on you all about it and ways to heal from the pain. The main one is however forgiving. When you forgive, you are at the point where you say alright fine, I accept your apology. However you might not get forget what happened, which is normal but if you forgive the person your pain will start to fade and soon it'll be gone.