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Loves bitter lessons

by kathryn silva cravalho

My heart is crippled in such terrible pain,
seems we are no longer as one,
I stand alone on my own once again.
no one is sincerely believes in love just for two.
Love today just no longer seems true

People jumping in and out love affairs,
setting a bad example for our kids today,
leaves them thinking sleeping around,
and having affairs is OK.

Longtime friend a love from the past,
lets face it relationships these days aren't built to last.
I won't be a part of games involving such play!
For myself love ended sadly,
no happy ending no true love to stay.

Television,films,and the internet relay,
sex is a game that everyone is doing,so it must be OK to play.
divorces  also paint images that all is fine in destroying a family any old time.

Maybe there's a moral thought,
about internet and television and just what is taught,
the message that comes across!


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