See the world through my eyes

Kelley Quinn

Hello everyone.. My name is Kelley, I am 40 yrs old.. I enjoy writing poetry, and have now decided to share them with everyone. Most of them are pretty personal, and they reflect my journey through life. I hope that you enjoy them, and find some of them to be inspirational. All of my poems aren't about me, I sometimes like to put myself into other peoples situations and it inspires me to write.. I have tons of poems about all different kinds of topics. Poems about difficulties in life, Overcoming trials, War, Poems of Love, Poems about Emotions, and Abuse. Some are about teens and the problems they face in life. Many poems about God, faith, hope, you name it. So if you like my site add it to your favorites. I am constantly adding new poems. I have about 221 poems on my site so far. Enjoy!! Click on "Poetry" to your left to read my poems. Please feel free to comment on any of my poems that you read. And don't forget to sign my guestbook.. Thanks for stopping by...

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