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Name: Terry Mone
email: tmone925@gmail.com
Country: United States

Message: Howard, I am finally putting a pamphlet of poems for grieving together for my Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1048 of Daytona Beach and I wanted to say a few words about you along with your poems you gave me permission to use last year. Are you the same Howard Yates who was in the AF and was at Bien Hoa when it was attacked during the Tet Offensive on 1968? I, too, was an AF SP (I went on active duty Jan '73). Are you living in Tangerine FL? I'd like to put a brief bio of you along with your poems. TERRY D. MONE', MSGT(RET), USAF Chaplain VVA 1048

Date Received: 2019-04-06 19:13:18

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