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Name: Doris Jacobs-Covington
City: New Iberia, La.
Homepage: wwwpoetrypoem.com/countrypoet

Message: Dear Shirley, There are many things I don't know...I don't know if God allows looking back at the earth and reading where we used to read before we left this world...I kind of like to believe Ish read all my love poems to him...but this remains a mystery. Yet, just in case you happen to read this, I wanted to just say "so long"...until we meet on those streets of Glory. If you've met Ish, then you know everything I told you about him was true. I know you must be kept busy with all your own loved ones up there and "the One" you told me all about...and how wonderful it must be to be with Jesus! I can almost envy you! Have fun, Shirley...enjoy your reunion...but know, also, that you are missed here. I know Terry must miss you an awful lot...all of us here at PoetryPoem do. You were such a joy to know...a blessing to all of us. And if folks are writing poetry up there, I know you're doing that, too...and I'm looking forward to joining you. Enjoy all the blessings of Heaven, dear friend...I love you!

Date Received: 2014-08-18 17:09:13