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1. Still dark out
2. Cool breezy breeze
3. Jungle heat
4. Trespass on the populace
5. The Poets calling
6. No breakfast with me
7. I donít say your name ever
8. Maracas fire
9. Famineís beast
10. Why Max, why!!
11. Riding numb on a horse with no mane
12. Love Vets
13. Ms. Rush
14. Kissing life live
15. The sea of tears
16. Riding out the pain
17. Pain nation secession
18. The Babylon medea spell
19. Max and I do not like the one I love
20. The Great Hush Awakes
21. Mirlaís blazing fire
22. The false flag season
23. Billie looking for ghosts
24. The war is real
25. Billie as we then were
26. The Oldmanís math
27. Richter and the astral plane battle
28. Richter and the battle for love
29. Richterís party crashed
30. Richter transitions
31. Richterís war prep
32. Richter no longer a civilian
33. Richterís dawn
34. My New Miss
35. Richterís flood tide
36. Caribbean war of the elementals
37. Cool lace and fire
38. The Owlís kung fu flight
39. Missing love returns
40. The Poets Walk
41. Canít let lying dogs lie
42. Decemberís narrative
43. Screaming Dove in the peaceful silence
44. Nature mornings escape
45. Oh Silk Cotton, you never forgot
46. Chasing sunsets
47. Bumble bees call up
48. Wage full war on the enemy now
49. Bye-bye my Silk Cotton friend
50. Donít call any names
51. I saw two dragons
52. Afternoon Growlers
53. Desert Wall 42
54. Battle Resolve at dawn
55. The Village Girl
56. A Saturday morning open poem (For all my friends)
57. The Earle of Bay and the new day
58. Elsaís strip tease
59. Kirkís Hype
60. My constant companion, sometimes friend and instructor
61. Global Shadow
62. Build and Battle Phalanx
63. The Earle of Bay
64. The Builderís Code
65. Destiny Report
66. Mr. Week speaks in greek, after a leak
67. Letter to Ms. H Chloro Queen
68. Covid Doe smarter than you and me
69. Deep to Deep blue sea
70. The silence says love is missing
71. I wonder where my delicious honey goes
72. The Greatest Hero Ė Mine and Yours
74. Ash Ash Ash
75. Morning Desire
76. Monday I was in a hurry !!
77. My Delicious Honey
78. The Dope 19 Dealers
79. Today You Look So Sweet
80. A Midday Poem for Dark Angel
81. Inspired by you this morning
82. The Corona Clown
83. The Windy Sea outside my window
84. My left eye did not see it.

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