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Name: halflife
Country: Asteroid belt

Message: I have to say that is the most in tune feed back I have ever got on any of my peices. The ideas you expressed are coming from the exact place i am trying to whittle away at. It's a slow crawl expressing what is intentional kept "behind the scenes" if you will. The control from every angle is undeniable and widely left to perception while being clouded and tamped down on every level. You are indeed a wise man my friend. Thank you for your amazing feed back it will enable me to continue to dig deep and try to decipher more clearly for those of us lacking sight. My goal is to be less cryptic and more to the point. Conceptualizing artifacts of our lost and intentionally hidden reality. Again wonderfully worded feed back that is greatly needed. Thank you!

Date Received: 2021-05-06 17:53:15