The Only Way I Can Speak

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I'm having trouble in my life once more, this time I am completely clueless of the cause.
I want to curl up on the hardwood floor, and cry and cry just because.
My best friend since high school, recently said she no longer wants to be my friend.
Treats me like a fool, puts our friendship to an end.
I wouldn't care usually, but she is married to my brother.
Now my nieces I can't ask to see, I thought she knew me unlike any other.
What I did wrong I do not know, she never did tell me.
How can I just let it go, they are my family.

Some new news in my life, I have been asked to be a wife
I love him I truely do, but how do I know he loves me to?
I know he cares or he wouldn't want me around, a better guy can't be found
but I'm so affraid that he only wants to because of me, but it's no big deal when it's marrage three
this is my first real long relationship, much to learn and knowlege to grip
I feel like there is something hidden some where, that missing feeling is what makes me scared


want to hear as much honest feedback from those who read my poetry as possible.
Also please sign my guestbook after you do so. I will send feed back to those who
send me feedback and hope you all do the same. Please include your site's name so
I can give you feedback, I have tons of feedback from people who didn't say who they were.
Thanks to everyone who has gave me such beautiful and nice feedback on my poetry, I apreciate
everyone who has taken time to do that for me.
March/12/2007===== I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have
wrote feedback to me it has really helped me smile whenI'm feeling blue.
Isn't it crazy finding comfort from people who don't even know you. Also I
wanted to say most of my poems are from life experiences but there are times
whenI put myself in anothers shoes and see through there eyes. I like to believe I
can feel what emotions others feel that they keep deep so others can't see.

On another note when giving feedback it is never good to tell a poet that there poem needs to be changed because with poetry it is as it was meant to be straight from the head un edited, for that is the only way to write true poetry. So
even if my poems have parts that are choppy or unclear, remember the poet understands them and that's how it was meant to be in some lines of poetry.