The Only Way I Can Speak

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Growing up sometimes I felt like a mime, I would talk but no one would hear my words.

So I began expressing myself in rhyme, so maybe I could get my thoughts heard.

When there was no one to hear me, or nobody was around.

I wrote and wrote poetry, comfort is what I found.

It helps me say how I feel inside, sometimes I write how I see people who I passed in life.

Everything else I tried, couldn't stop the feeling of strife.

So I hope you enjoy my views of me and everyone else, and any comments you have please share.

I'm taking off the shelf, all of my worries and cares.

I want to add something to my welcome poem. I know there are many people in this world today and days past whom have lost the spirit. When I say spirit I mean God. But whether you believe in him or not doesn't matter for he believes in you. I want everyone to know that whether you believe in our creator or believe that we are all here by chance all I ask is for you to love. Love everything you have and all who are apart of life. The only way to kill hate is with love for love can change everything. Love is never lost merely shadowed by darkness. I was raised Catholic and my mother was a Methodist but I myself hold no ties to any organized religion. I am simply a girl who have felt and seen the light that reaches far beyond the physical existence we know and with this I no longer think I have belief, I believe I have knowledge. I've never read the bible from start to finish but I know it's a reference book. Looking for God in the bible is like looking for parenting skills in baby books. For it only holds what others have come to believe through there accounts and is only there as a guide to help in understanding things. My heart and soul is where my knowledge comes from, and that is all the proof I need. I'm not telling you to believe I'm telling you that we are creations and every creation requires a creator. You can call our creator God, Allah, or whatever you want but there is someone who has created us. There is a force stronger than anything we will ever be able to understand. Everyone here is searching for the the same thing in the bottom line, The Meaning of Life. So what is the meaning of life? To love. Love all that has been placed before you, know that although you control your life and have the power to do anything you see possible, doesn't mean you should do anything possible. We are born with a inner knowledge of the Divine law, we know right from wrong just by feeling with our hearts. You don't need to question the right and wrong only feel the darkness and light. We are light. Please feel from the inside of your self for that is the true self. So within so without. Inside of me I know I have nothing to fear and I can share it with everyone. I am not a human who has spiritual experiences but rather a spirit having a human experience.