-The Big Finale...
I will no longer be posting thoughts on this site. Any new poems will be the thoughts of others. I have shared as much of me through my writings and I feel that its time..So in conclusion to this, i have set aside space for my finale. The most important people have been thanked on my welcome page. This page is strictly for "news" that I will share with you and for all who read it. There will be no NAMES MENTIONED on this page. just "so you knows". But i will say thank you for taking the time to read all the thoughts of mine. Your feed backs were inspiring in its self.

-The optomist...So i did it. i went, i saw, i conquered. I feel OK. But perhaps time takes time. You believe in me, that is the greatest gift you have ever given me. When i found out about Hannah you were my biggest rock. I have more things to be thankful for when it comes to you then any one. Keep pushing me, the results will not disappoint you. Take care of your own "meaning of life". i will see you at all the open Mic nights ;)

-The instigator...Well it was a long one. but there was so many good memories. what will i miss most. your 'tough love'. Even though i didn't understand it then, i do now, and thank you. I'm thank ful that i met you. even though it was cut short for what ever reason, you are one of the most honest, greatest, funny people i have ever met..Don't go changing on me. Perhaps three years later, i might just make that phone call. Dont act surprised. You know what you did for me. Be sweet. i know you have to maintain that 'toughness" about you. but ill see the softer side, even if i have to play 'nothing compares to you'. What it is HO, waz up!!!

-The Lover.. O boy, how many do i get, i mean how many times can i go and be a BRAT, and you still love me. How many times will you throw me a life line. That in its self is what makes you my best friend. and though we tried 'more than", we made it to be friends for life. thanks shorty..

-The Misunderstood.. can i say that..sure i can. well i never thought that i would write about some one else with the same 'title'as i have given myself. and i don't really have anything to say but, don't lose it..thats what makes you, YOU.

I couldn't conclude a finale with out saying something about the past, present, future. so i will just write it and leave it as 'nuff said'.

-The Past..i thought one of my greatest assets in loving you was that i never wanted to change you.i loved you no matter who you were at whatever given time.
what i thought was my greatest gift to you was the one thing you needed from me. "to want you to change"
i think that you thought that i didn't want you to change or become a better person or that i didn't want you to be all the things that you said you wanted to be. the fact of it was that i did want you to become a better person.. i did want you to be everything you always wanted..but at the same time, i wanted you to know that i loved you no matter what..im sorry for loving you unconditionally.

-The Present..Well you have been really great to me in every aspect.What else can i say but to say thank you for everything thus far. Thank you for listening and letting me talk for hours about nothing.. Its a long road, cant wait to see where it goes.

-The Future...Its yet to be determined..But its looking brighter..

Thank you all for your support...i will check in on occasion to see who/ what has been posted on here from other talented authors...Be kind to a stranger ;)

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