Eloquent words in measure and rhyme are what come to mind when thinking about the definition of poetry. I believe poetry goes further than words on a page. Poetry is defined by the emotions those words generate in the heart of the reader. A poet paints a picture with words that can take the reader into contemplative thought and there gain insight into the poets mind and heart. In my writings I try not to opinionate the reader to see things the way I do but more so to share the beauty of life around us. I believe poetry should be entertaining as well as thought provoking.
Most poets have an individual style of writing that can easily identify the poem as being theirs. Over many years of writing I have noticed a pattern emerge that could be called my style of writing. I deliberately omit the use of punctuation (commas and periods) at the end of each line. Although grammatically incorrect I prefer to limit punctuation to an occasional comma to signify a break in thought and a single exclamation point at the end. A few of my poems end in the form of a question so a question mark replaces the exclamation point.
I also choose not to include an author's biography, as it is my writings I am sharing and in them can be found so much of my life. It is my writings I want remembered and not the person from which they came.

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