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Name: Janie a.k.a.MJB
Country: USA
Homepage: mjfb1954...GoddessPele.. &.. AngelicHeavenlyStar

Message: Vicki, My Dear, Thanks ever so much for your recent visit, I am so glad to know that you enjoyed my poem. and do relate to happiness of God being in your life,, You are a brave and bright person in sharing your heart with all of us through your inspiring poetry and words of wisdom..by your poetry list, I see you have been here awhile, however this is my first visit to your interesting poetry site, so I thank you for contacting me, now that I have found you, I shall be returning soon, to read more of you, I had to comment on YOUR "GREAT NEWS" THAT CHANGED YOUR LIFE, FILLING IT WITH LOVE AND HAPPINESS..AS A MOTHER'S LOVE IS THE BEST TO HAVE, FOR GOD HAS GIVEN MANY BLESSINGS TO HER IN ORDER TO TEACH AND BRING JOY INTO THIS WORLD HE CREATED FOR US TO ENJOY, BUT ALAS. IT HAS GONE AWRY, HOWEVER, IT WILL EVENTUALLY CHANGE FOR THE BETTER WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN IT. THANK YOU MY DEAR, FOR INSPIRING US WITH THE LOVE YOU SHARE WITH EVERYONE THROUGH YOUR WORDS OF WISDOM AMID COURAGE..THIS POEM SAYS IT ALL IN EVERY SENSE, BECOMING A TREASURE TO YOUR BABY LATER ON IN LIFE, AND I AM PROUD TO KNOW YOU FROM YOUR CHERISHED ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE, EVEN WHEN LIFE SOMETIMES GETS US DOWN WE MUST PLACE OUR TRUST IN GOD OUR FATHER! GOD BLESS YOU MY DEAR, YOUR GIRLS AND FAMILY ALSO. ALOHA HUGS, TO ALL OF YOU, Janie, a.k.a.Godesspele

Date Received: 2014-07-02 12:42:50

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