Dark Memories and White Lies

My name is Lucas Werner and I am a published poet currently residing in the Olympia, Washington area. I grew up about forty miles south east of Olympia in a small town with about three thousand people, by the name of Montesano with my mother and stepfather and a younger brother, two years younger than myself. I went to school there in Montesano from the third to seventh grade and again from my Junior to Senior years. The rest of my childhood was more or less spent living at my father and step mother's home outside of Aberdeen, Washington in a very small town called Cosmopolis where most of the residents are directly or indirectly employed by the local Wheyerhauser logging company.

Growing up in Aberdeen I was at the epicenter of the grunge rock movement going on there in the mid 1980's and the early 1990's. Nirvana was one of the first serious rock bands I could truly relate to and quickly became a fan of their music as soon as I heard it. I was profoundly effected by Kurt Cobain's tragic suicide in 1994. Kurt shared the same diagnosis as myself of bipolar II with schizoidal tendencies so I could relate to a lot of what he had to say about life, before my own diagnosis in early 2000, whereby I was put on medication after having a manic episodic break. A lot of my own work has been influenced by lyrics I have heard and have had heard as an adolescent growing up in the same area and getting into independent and what may be considered the alternative rock music just as Kurt did.

I have been writing poetry off and on since I was in the seventh grade, when a few very special teachers of mine started to notice and encourage my various styles of writing from essays to prose and poetry I begun writing about the time I discovered punk rock. I am currenty twenty-six and have been writing as a personal hobby for almost fifteen years. My friends and acquaintances tell me that I am a natural story teller and I think that is, for the most part, what I enjoy doing. I like to imagine myself in another person's shoes and how I might appraoch their specific situation. A good bulk of my writing, however, comes from my own personal views on the world and my natural surroundings. I also write about real experiences I have had, on occassion, and do some stream of consciousness prose work to post on my various internet web logs. As a bit of a side project to the rest of what I do, I am teaching myself haiku, which I find to be very cathartic and enjoyable. Catharsis is what I mainly seek to attain through writing. Trying to please other people has never been my style, though I will sometimes write the occasional love poem or something for someone else

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