well, been trying to improve my life and situation.
Trying to improve myself in everyway possible.
I have finally met a woman that has blown me away.
I have no torment now, only obligations.
I feel like I am given a second chance.
I used to post only dark and depressed things,
but of the last three years have tried to improve who I am.
To truly improve who you are you must disect yourself.
know thyself......... as the old saying goes
I have analized every fault and error.
I have beaten myself to death with shame.
but after all the beatings I find myself humble, and wanting.
I have a want to improve myself in everyway possible.
Knowing everything that is wrong within my personality,
and yet.....calculating what I can and cannot change.
I stopped blaming others for my faults a long time ago.
I firmly believe that there is no point in pointing fingers,
for the only person you can change is you.
that is why I have focused only on myself and my own issues.
It is why I have given up almost all social interaction.
To fix a problem you must first realize there is one.
So it seems the most intelligent decision to know all fault within.
So that one day you might conquer the ones that can be.
I still have demons, darkness, depression, anger, and many other things.
The dark things within my mind try to conquer me constantly.
But life is a journey not a destination.
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
No one is free of fault, but the greatest fault is to embrace your own stupidity.
Anyone of anyintelligence will EVENTUALLY decide to improve.
I am a man in progress.
I think everyone has room to improve.
I do not just acknolodge my faults, I am embrace them so I can change them.
I accept them for what the are and try to change what I can.

;God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the....... best place to hide the bodies.

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