Poetry - De' Ol' Negro House, Jacqueline Amos

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1. Black And White Women Suicide
2. A Authors Survival
3. Sacrificing The Lamb Of My Limb
4. A Man Shall Rise
5. We Ware The Mask
6. I Am The Omega Of The Alpha
7. Voices Cry I De' Spirit Harriet Tubman
8. Martin Luther King,Sitting On the Mountain.Free At Last
9. I Am Old Enough To Dye,Freedom Among The Free
10. Disability
11. Black Diamonds And Dust
12. Emancipation
13. Children Of Darkness The Lesser Faith
14. Asiatic Black Man
15. A Message To A Black Son
16. My Grandma Pain
17. De’ Talking Drum
18. De’ Master Litigations
19. Angry Black Man
20. From Hell To De' Lord’
21. Brother Against Brother
22. A Letter From My Son On Lock Down
23. Missing Books Of Blackness
24. Passport Of Blackness
25. Scientology and Psychiatry
26. I, Too, Sing America
27. What You Know About A Ghetto Child?
28. Ain't I A Woman
29. Miracle Waters
30. The Marksmen Pen
31. The Education Of Jacqueline Amos, Legend Artist and Author
32. The Old Cross Roads
33. To Kill To Be Free
34. In The Beginning There Was Law
35. When ol’ Sis Bessie Pray
37. Spoken Words Of The Oceans
38. Keep Your Eyes On The Sparrow
39. Tears I shed The Blood
40. Great Seductions
41. Chasing the Wind
42. Release The Chains Of Hate
43. Beyond The Darkness Of Faith
44. Nubian Prayer
45. Keep Your Eyes On The Sparrow
46. De' Old Man In Locks
47. By Word Of Soul ,I Love You Mother , I Was Never, Worthy Of Your Love
48. Absent From The Soul
49. I’se Stand In The Church Yard Grave

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