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  De' Ol' Negro House

The Battle Fields Of War
By Jacqueline Amos

The battlefields of war, Freedom... The battlefields of
hate, Freedom... The battlefields of Love, Freedom... The
battlefields of God, Freedom... The Fire in God's Eyes,
Freedom... Listen to the beats of the earth, Freedom...
Devils un-veiling the essence of pain, Freedom... Listen to
the angers of the sea's Freedom.......... Rise me, from the
blood, beneath my feet. Freedom... Freedom.....,

Freedom....., Listen to the 4th of the beat, Freedom, I
sing, the words of freedom, Freedom, I sing, the words of
deliverance, Freedom, I sing, the words of unity, Freedom, I
sing, the scars of my people, Freedom, Let.... my people

Freedom..... Black, White, Yellow, Green Freedom let my
people be. Death of a dream, abandon, by the devils revenge,
Killing, the humble, an meek, The scars of the earth,
Freedom, never again, shall it be, Freedom, release the
chains, Of the devil, who sits in waiting, Freedom, by man's
on hand,

The devil, comes in all colors of man, Freedom I rise above
the sky's. See the fire in God's eyes, It will be no more,
The birds, come in hurdles, waiting for its prey, listen the
pain, is in the air, to destroy the paradise, which once,
came love, the demon's waiting for the kill. Freedom, never
again my eyes shall see hate, Never again, shall I be haunted
by rape, Never again shall I feel, the whip of hate, the
disease that kills all men. Freedom, I declare upon this
earth. I rise in the name, of the men, who walked in God's

Freedom the spirit the divine heart, will never die, those
who have come, in the name, of God's house, The battle cries
will be no more, heaven knocking at the door. The dead has
not died, but living in the paradise of God, So Satan you
have been defeated. Life dose not begin at birth, but after
death, sleep the cousin to death, I rise in the morning,
visiting the universe, called earth.

My back has carried the scars of civilization, the blood is
in the palms of me hand, my children are dying, I cry
rebirth, Rise me to the heavens, Rise me to the Universe. I
am tired and my back will no longer take this curse.

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom,
Break the chains from my risk, Break the chains from my
womb, Break the chains from my mind. The Universal disgrace.

My babies are imprisoned, No mothers, No Fathers, No
Leaders, No Justice, No dignity to the human race. Blind
justice to an inheratance that refuse to lead.

Jacqueline amos copywriter2002

Freedom, the battle cry's of the earth, the fires, that
killed great men an women, the walls will come tumbling down,
God is angered, see the fire in his eyes, Freedom, no more
battle cry's.

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