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1. 100 Years From Now
2. 15 Miles To Hell's Gate
3. Aerosol
4. A Christmas Song
5. A Southern Tale
6. Ain't No Grave (gonna hold my body down) (additional lyrics by Mark Sinnis)
7. All Flows Into
8. Ashtray
9. At The Crossroads
10. Been So Long Since Youíve Been Down, Been So Long Since Youíve Been ĎRound
11. Before The Deluge
12. Billy Donít Get On The Train
13. Black Sun
14. Burn
15. Burning Bridges In The Night
16. 'Cause You Want To
17. Cemeteries And Centuries
18. Closer To The Extreme
19. Confidence
20. Death Song
21. Deliberate Road That You Are Taking
22. Departed Heart
23. Dissolve
24. Down Beneath
25. Down Old Route Number 9
26. Empty Train (The Hurricane Song)
27. Faceless Lies
28. Fallible Friend
29. Fifty Odd Hours
30. Five Days
31. Five Days, Seven Nights
32. Follow The Line
33. Forsaken Psalm
34. Funeral For Your Mind
35. Gloomy Sunday
36. Going Down
37. Grave Of Love
38. Guilt Trip Through You
39. Hills Of Decline
40. Injury Home
41. Innocence Lost
42. Into An Unhidden Future
43. Into A Dream
44. In A World With No Tomorrow
45. In Harmony
46. In Time
47. In Tupelo
48. In Vain
49. It Takes Me Home
50. It's Alright
51. It's Been A Long Cold Hard Lonely Winter
52. Itís The End, But Thereís No Heaven
53. I Want You So Bad
54. I Wish I Was Home Listening To 1050 WHN
55. I'm Alright!
56. Iíll Have Another Drink Of Whiskey íCause Death Is Not So Far Away
57. Jealousy
58. Long Stray Whim
59. Love That Has Gone Wrong
60. Love, Love, Love (Youíre Such A Four Letter Word)
61. Luke The Drifter
62. Mind Melt
63. Mistaken For Love
64. Murder
65. Mystery Called Life
66. My Baby Loves Me When Iím Not Around
67. My Whiskey Hourglass
68. Ninth House
69. Nobody Knows
70. Once In An Ordinary Life
71. One Red Rose Among The Dying Leaves
72. On An Autumn Night In The Cape Fear River
73. On A Cold Night In December
74. On The Edge
75. On This Thanksgiving Day
76. Open Road Of Memories
77. Out Of Reach
78. Passing Time...
79. Peep Hole In The Wall
80. Perfect Wrong
81. Put A Stake Right Through It
82. Quiet Change
83. Realize And It's Gone
84. Scars
85. Scenes Of Your Reality
86. Sitting At The Heartbreak Saloon
87. Six Feet From Eternity
88. Skeletons
89. Slap Of Reality
90. Sometimes
91. Space In Time
92. Still Mind
93. Stretch Marks
94. Sunday Morning Salvation
95. Sunday Mourning Train
96. Swim In The Silence
97. That's Why I Won't Love You
98. Thereís A Cross On The Side Of The Road
99. Thereís No Rhyme Or Reason
100. Thereís Only One Way Off The Train
101. The Choice I Found In Fate
102. The Company You'll Keep
103. The Cure For Your Disease
104. The Eye That Refuses To Blink
105. The Fever
106. The Ghosts Of Mount Misery
107. The Highwayís Graveyard
108. The Legend Of The Maco Light
109. The Night's Last Tomorrow
110. The Room Filled Beyond Your Door
111. The Summer Of 77
112. The Undertaker In My Rearview Mirror
113. The View Outside My Window
114. The Wall That You Hide Behind
115. This Is The Working Manís Protest Song
116. Tough Love (is all sheís got)
117. To Feel Your Passion, Goneís The Sorrow
118. To Join The Departed In Their Dream
119. Turn Another Page
120. Uninvited
121. Valentine Lies
122. Waiting For The Train
123. Warned You
124. What Are You Waiting For?
125. When The Light Blinds, And You Follow
126. When The Sun Bows To The Moon
127. Where It All Ends
128. Whiskey Lies And Itís Midnight
129. Why Should I Cry Over You
130. Wine And Whiskey And The Devil Makes Three
131. Would Your Misery Love Some Company?
132. Your Past May Come Back To Haunt Me
133. You Can Blame It All On Me
134. You Canít Escape The Demons In Your Mind

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