'' To Return Us To Where We Were Born ''

Are we really aware,
Of what lies, out there,
The simple answer is no,
Why should we care,
It may lead to despair,
Believe me we'll reap what we sow.

As the damage here,
Becomes crystal clear,
Is it others planets we're grooming?
Should we feel fear,
As our end draws near,
Their cooperation we are assuming.

They may well refuse,
Perhaps blow a fuse,
At they see us earthlings approaching,
Will our planetary cruise,
Be seen as a ruse,
On their ways we could be encroaching.

Things could get hot,
Are they friendly or not?
Trespassing they may see as a crime,
What we have got,
Could leave them distraught,
Leaving us with a mountain to climb.

Respect you must earn,
But we never learn,
Our arrogance and conceit we can't hide,
We show no concern,
What's not ours we yearn,
Our deceit our hosts won't abide.

If we ever arrive,
Will we even survive,
We could well end up forlorn,
What humans contrive,
Could give aliens the drive,

' To Return Us To Where We Were Born '

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`` To Return Us To Where We Were Born ``

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