'' They Departed Feeling Unwanted ''

I went to S.E.T.I.
Where I spoke to Betty,
I Asked her, are you in the know,
No, it wasn't a Yeti,
It was sat near the jetty,
I swear it was a U.F.O.

I bloody swear,
The aliens were there,
She said, it could be wishful thinking,
I do declare,
We need to prepare,
The lights on the craft were blinking.

A weather balloon,
Or perhaps the Moon,
They were bang in your line of sight,
An alien commune,
Stuck in a dune,
I surmised would possibly excite.

For many a year,
You've shed a tear,
Trying to find that impossible dream,
Now the pioneer,
Is finally here,
Your reputation you can redeem.

They spoke to me,
Asking please agree,
To pass on our message of hope,
Can't you see,
They don't want a melee,
They want to help us to cope.

If they've been found,
We're no longer around,
All of us lose our employment,
If their craft is downed,
Your proof though sound,
Means we face redeployment.

So, tell them to go,
To where? I don't know,
When I did they were totally undaunted,
To regain their flow,
I gave them a tow,

' They Departed Feeling Unwanted '

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`` They Departed Feeling Unwanted ``

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