'' We Murdered Our Creator ''

Good will and cheer,
It's Christmas time,
It does so endear,
Isn't it sublime.

The world is good,
We put on a face,
Truth is we delude,
The entire Human Race.

The birth of the saviour,
On Christmas day,
Was to improve our behaviour,
Not cause affray.

The message he brought,
Was compassion and peace,
All our lives we'd fought,
Each other we'd fleece.

To those who'd scoff,
He offered to forgive,
They said, bugger off,
We want to live.

Seen as an affliction,
Soon he was gone,
Facing his crucifixion,
He was seen as a pawn.

The compassionate Human,
Refused to learn,
Both man and woman,
Are his cause for concern.

From then till now,
His message we smother,
It's a Human vow,
To destroy one another.

So, on this Christmas day,
View the perpetrator,
What will really hold sway,

' We Murdered Our Creator '

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`` We Murdered Our Creator ``

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