'' We Can't Live In Peace ''

It's a simple task,
To love, not hate,
So, why do we find it so hard,
It's not a big ask,
Yet we can't wait,
To enjoy leaving others scarred.

It's any excuse,
Be it colour or creed,
In reality any reason will do,
To administer abuse,
We do have a need,
Ask yourself, could this be you.

We love to defile,
Engage in fights,
We tend to enjoy the unruly,
Why do we rile,
Breach others rights,
Some are even in awe of the bully.

From bottom to top,
Our hatred is rife,
Loathing knows nothing about class,
We just can't stop,
Ruining a life,
The human really lives to harass.

If jealous, despise,
It's the easy way out,
It's your way of ignoring the truth,
Making up lies,
Reveals self-doubt,
The fact is you're being uncouth.

Hate is world-wide,
It's a human disease,
Sadly, I can say it won't cease,
The human is snide,
To detest is to please,
That's why,

' We Can't Live In Peace '

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`` We Can`t Live In Peace ``

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