'' Enhancements Can Make You Look Riven ''

The human is vain,
A tad inhumane,
When it comes to the subject of life,
At times insane,
On the planet a drain,
They do love to cause others strife.

They don't like their form,
If it's not, ' The Norm '
What that means, none of them can say,
Themselves they'll deform,
Which causes a storm,
While others want to look the same way.

They'll inject their lips,
Enhance their hips,
Their intelligence does seem to be sparse,
What someone snips,
Another will eclipse,
By giving themselves a fat arse.

Some want bigger tits,
Or tighten up bits,
That over the years have come loose,
They'll buy themselves kits,
That cover up splits,
All caused by years of abuse.

Trying to turn brown,
Just brings on a frown,
On a sunbed or down on the beach,
In wrinkles you'll drown,
Cry the tears of the clown,
When reparations are way out of reach.

Treasure your lot,
Beauty cannot be bought,
If with vanity you're being driven,
What you have not,
Won't leave you distraught,

' Enhancements Can Make You Look Riven '

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`` Enhancements Can Make You Look Riven ``

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