'' We Cannot Reproduce ''

Anything we doubt,
Or we cannot make out,
Talent, rarely merits a mention,
Our ancestor's clout,
We continually flout,
It must have been alien intervention?

They had no skill,
But to hunt and kill,
Then of course, there was procreation,
They had the will,
To heat and distil,
A brew with a lovely sensation.

Though no big deal,
Who created the wheel,
Did it come from above and beyond?
Did someone steal,
An invention ideal,
As this magic they couldn't have spawned.

Could it be they were clever,
Some experts say, never,
Something must have given a hand,
The facts they sever,
They showed such endeavour,
Their abilities, science doesn't understand.

What's all the fuss,
What we need to discuss,
Is the fact, they had brains in their head,
See it as a plus,
They knew more than us,
Why does that fill some with dread.

What we cannot explain,
Drives us insane,
So, we give those before us, abuse,
It is infinitely plain,
What they managed to attain,
To this day,

' We Cannot Reproduce '

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`` We Cannot Reproduce ``

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