'' An Incompetent B.....d

We're living the lie,
Many will die,
While the government claim all is fine,
Using their logistics,
Their play on statistics,
Proves they think they are divine.

We are easily led,
Many thousand's lie dead,
I'm afraid they're no longer counted,
Yes, they're gone,
But the picture now drawn,
Means bad data, can be surmounted.

To test and trace,
We are way off the pace,
So, they say get the flags unfurled,
The picture they paint,
Is, we're using restraint,
Our system's the best in the world?

To take a last breath,
Does not mean death,
That is what they'd have you believe,
Though it's crystal clear,
You are no longer here,
They will not allow families to grieve.

To them it's a craft,
They believe we're all daft,
The truth is they're not far wrong,
While we are dying,
They continue lying,
Claiming their policies are strong.

An Eton education,
Should read devastation,
At least we now know it's true,
This plethora of snobs,
Are nothing but knobs,
They've shown us, they haven't a clue.

What should cause concern,
Is we never learn,
The art of lying, they have mastered,
Absorb my rendition,
The elite politician,
Is truly,

' An Incompetent B.....d '

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`` An Incompetent B.....d

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