'' That Truth Was Never In Doubt ''

I told a lie,
At least that's true,
Though I'll deny,
I told it to you,
It's making me cry,
That it will cause ado,
The Facts, I do tend to flout.

To make it worse,
I told another,
My conscience I'll nurse,
Help me, oh Mother,
This is a curse,
I just cannot smother,
It truly is rubbish I spout.

The truth I abuse,
Without any assistance,
To me it's a ruse,
I use with persistence,
Though you may accuse,
Please keep your distance,
As I can behave like a lout.

All of my life,
This has caused friction,
It cuts like a knife,
It's become an addiction,
That feeling of strife,
When I create fiction,
Means, even more lies I then sprout.

What is the truth?
You say I'm a liar,
I'd say that's uncouth,
With the facts I conspire,
I'm a bit of a sleuth,
With a burning desire,
To lie, till I find a way out.

Do face reality,
Every one of us lies,
In every locality,
Untruths we'll devise,
It is human normality,
Where we all fantasise,

' That Truth, Was Never In Doubt '

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