'' Only Those Intelligent Would Know ''

The intelligent one,
Is never done,
Boasting that they are so clever,
Superior bar none,
Is the tale being spun,
They believe they will last forever.

Due to mistrust,
They can be unjust,
To the point they'll do things they abhor,
Due to greed and lust,
Their minds will adjust,
Without thought, they'll engage in a war.

They take, don't renew,
Look after the few,
They refuse to acknowledge, they're dying,
What can they do,
But get what they're due,
Those who lead them, are guilty of lying.

Yes, they can cure,
They can also reassure,
To help others they do have the will,
But those arms they procure,
Does it make them secure?
As all weaponry was invented to kill.

As they've evolved,
Nothing's resolved,
Their weapons became totally destructive,
As their worries revolved,
Nothing was solved,
With peace they became counter-productive.

Being intelligence led,
Are they in good stead?
From up here as we watch their bloods flow,
It has to be said,
The reason they're dead,

' Only Those Intelligent, Would Know '

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