'' You're A One Of A Kind Human Being ''

In our quest for perfection,
From shape to complexion,
We'll try every trick in the book,
For the ultimate projection,
We'll take any direction,
To alter the way that we look.

The odds are stacked,
Against the fact,
True fulfilment will ever be found,
For each single act,
Another's being tracked,
The effects can and will be profound.

To raise the stakes,
All it takes,
Is one person to say you look bad,
It gives you the shakes,
Your heart then breaks,
One comment then makes you feel sad.

You then feel the need,
To do the deed,
You must alter your very appearance,
As inside you bleed,
It's your ego you feed,
Your mind suffers interference.

Your life you'll drain,
So, try to abstain,
Be happy with what you've been given,
From changing refrain,
It will drive you insane,
It's with vanity you're being driven.

If you want to be free,
Look and you'll see,
It's from yourself you are fleeing,
Say proudly, that's me,
Its then you'll agree,

' You're A One Of A Kind, Human Being '

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