'' The World Will Spiral Out Of Control ''

Committing barbarous crimes,
Brings on dangerous times,
For destruction, some develop a thirst,
Do we just sit back?
Or go on the attack,
To win a race, you have got to come first.

By accepting his threats,
The agenda he sets,
As dictators do not accept orders,
We must let him know,
We will set him aglow,
For breaching, our compatriot's borders.

It's universally known,
He will butcher his own,
To achieve what he thinks is right,
Millions may die,
But he'll continue to lie,
He keeps what is truth, out of sight.

He is so true to form,
His war crimes, the norm,
We can't wait till the truth has dawned,
He is nobody's fool,
He wants world rule,
To defeat him, the West must respond.

The Geneva convention,
To him merits no mention,
Killing innocents, are a part of his game,
Of mayhem and terror,
He alone is the bearer,
Nazis, know nothing of shame.

If we stand united,
His wrongs will be righted,
For his crimes he will be undone,
What he's doing is wrong,
As one we belong,
Together, we'll have him on the run.

We must make it our vow,
To do something now,
As Putin has surrendered his soul,
I'll tell you what's fact,
Unless we now act,

' The World, Will Spiral Out Of Control '

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