'' Just An Ordinary Guy ''

If living is heaven,
Then dying is hell,
Your spirit I'll leaven,
By this tale I'll tell.

You get but one chance,
So, try to be wise,
The truth will enhance,
It's the opposite with lies.

By taking the controls,
In yourself you'll believe.
Do set yourself goals,
Then aim to achieve,

Do try to stay cheery,
Stay well clear of strife,
This is not just a theory,
It promotes a long life.

All enemies discard,
They're not worth your time,
Keep those you regard,
As the ultimate in prime.

Don't try to be kind,
If you've got it you will,
Those who are blind,
It's fear they instil.

Where you see a need,
Be inclined to react,
For every good deed,
Self-esteem is a fact.

If done from the heart,
You'll know deep inside,
That each day you start,
You've a feeling of pride.

With those you connect,
Do try to stay true,
By that mark of respect,
They'll know the real you.

With others engage,
Learn and apply,
No, I'm not a sage,

' Just An Ordinary Guy '

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