'' The Meaning Of, Erudition ''

Life isn't easy,
It can leave you scarred,
When you're feeling queasy,
Do remain on guard,
Those who are sleazy,
Love making life hard,
It's for you to make a decision.

You have your own mind,
To be foolish or wise,
How you are defined,
Is for you to revise,
To see or be blind,
Is life truth or lies,
That in life is your mission.

To believe what you're told,
Or raise some doubt,
To be one of the fold,
Or ensure you stay out,
Though some are controlled,
If the truth you scout,
You will easily make the transition.

Bombarded with deceit,
Can and does make you grieve,
The lies some secrete,
Make you feel so naοve,
For each one you meet,
Knowing which to believe,
Will ensure you're a sound tactician.

Life's choices are yours,
Never give up that right,
Self-belief reassures,
You must put up a fight,
Prevention or cures,
Always keep that in sight,
Make that of your own volition.

There's evil and good,
Both are all around,
If you remain shrewd,
Your judgement is sound,
If you did all you could,
What you will have found,

‘' The Meaning Of, Erudition ‘'

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