'' Truss And Kwarteng Are Blind ''

We are given a title,
They claim is vital,
In truth, it's but part of their game,
To identify,
Those who don't comply,
They insist we're all given a name.

Then you're lumbered,
No call that numbered,
With figures you'll very soon learn,
They're so you will pay,
Each and every day,
Taxes from the money you earn.

There'll be V.A.T,
For you and me,
A levy on vehicle emissions,
With every tax,
You will pay the max,
Every budget, they add new editions.

Six hundred on bills,
Will cure our ills?
For energy, the majority need,
People will die,
That's fact not a lie,
Because of big business greed.

What's now to the fore,
He then gives them more,
They need money like we need a rash,
Our incomes restricted,
Some are being evicted,
Do they want our economy to crash?

They rake in billions,

No, make that trillions,
Yet we're up to our eyeballs in debt?
Being multi-millionaires,
They say, who cares,
It's you, who'll be filled with regret.

An educated elite?
Filled with conceit,
For the people who keep them in control,
When led by fools,
It's madness that rules,
To Satan, they would all sell their soul.

A multi-millionaire,
Can't possibly be aware,
Of those who can't heat or eat,
Though poverty is rife,
The rich cause us strife,
Sadly some, will admit to defeat.

Be in no doubt,
What he's given out,
It's a con, that's how it's defined,
They're all liars and thieves,
Whom nobody believes,
To reality,

‘' Truss and Kwarteng Are Blind ‘'

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