'' Your Talent Has Just Taken A Rest ''

After shining so bright,
Off goes the light,
Suddenly my mind goes dim,
I cannot ignite,
My yearning to write,
It leaves me feeling so grim.

I'm fully aware,
This isn't fair,
As I go on the search for a cure,
It's common not rare,
So, perhaps a prayer,
Will have that certain allure.

I'm now feeling terse,
Where is my verse,
My predicament brings on a tear,
I try to immerse,
But my mind's in reverse,
Nothing is coming out clear.

As hard as one tries,
My pen, it defies,
Why won't it do what I want?
Myself I chastise,
Yes, even despise,
My very being, it's trying to taunt.

I refuse to give in,
This battle I'll win,
Eventually I will find relief,
Suddenly from within,
I hear, let's begin,
In your abilities you must have belief.

Though you may bleed,
Don't ever concede,
With dexterity, you have been blessed,
You will succeed,
If this message you heed,

‘' Your Talent Has Just Taken A Rest ‘'

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