'' I Know How, To Manipulate Diction ''

They knew I was lying,
As I told my tale,
My allies were crying,
It just couldn't fail,
There's no denying,
It was way off the scale,
To lie, I have an addiction.

No-one can tell,
Apart from me,
Though they do leave a smell,
The truth they can't see,
I'll see them in Hell,
Before I agree,
It's such a wonderful affliction.

Be they black or white,
They're both the same,
Though they're not right,
To me it's a game,
When they take flight,
I will not accept blame,
My life is a contradiction.

There are those I regret,
But I refuse to say which,
The ones I forget,
Can cause a hitch,
Rather than fret,
I'll claim they're a glitch,
Sometimes they require constriction.

Though they hold clout,
I find it uncouth,
That some people doubt,
I'm telling the truth,
It's my honour they flout,
When they stand in the booth,
Demanding that I face conviction.

Till the day I die,
I'll endorse fabrication,
Harm I'll deny,
There's no aggravation,
If my tales you don't buy,
You'll hear my declaration,
My untruths, will not face restriction.

Though Satan did hover,
My reputations retrieved
Like a bee in clover,
I feel so relieved,
Thank God it's over,
My lies they believed?

' I Know How To Manipulate Diction '

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