'' That's Why, You're Feeling Harassed ''

In these modern times,
It's greed over need,
That sets the agenda ahead,
We commit heinous crimes,
To feed that seed,
Some people are too easily led.

The thought of riches,
Through lies one denies,
Some see as the route to great glory,
When money bewitches,
What size the prize,
When the truth tells a different story.

You give up your soul,
You deceive to achieve,
You'll do anything to make sure you win,
Who's in control,
When they leave, you don't grieve,
You no longer feel what's within.

Family and friends,
It's shown have flown,
They no longer see you as their own,
Still the idiot defends,
They postpone what's known,
It's too late now, you can't make amends.

Your arrogance is rife,
You bet you won't fret,
Humility is confined to the weak,
In this your life,
Regret, you forget,
For all others, it's havoc you wreak.

When you hit trouble,
You're aware no-one's there,
To help you when you need assistance,
Buried in the rubble,
You declare, its despair,
Yet for you, there'll be no co-existence.

You reap what you sow,
Unkind is defined,
By how you discarded your past,
Ignorance you now know,
Is combined with blind,

' That's Why You're Feeling Harassed '

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`` That`s Why, You`re Feeling Harassed ``

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